Scenes that make you say WAAAHHHH!

When I'm watching a Hong Kong movie, I often find myself wondering "How did they come up with that?" It's a great feeling to be in a theater when the entire audience exclaims "Waaahhhhh" at the same time because we have seen something we have never seen before, and it was just so damn COOL.

Well, the XENA people must have been watching the same HK movies, because they've borrowed a few of those "WAAAHHH" moments and made them uniquely Xena moments.

Click on the icons to see for yourself...

Naked women stealing each other's clothes...from DRAGON INN and X:WP "Adventures in the Sin Trade II."

The Ladder Fight

More screen grab comparisons--this time comparing the ladder fight sequence in X:WP "Callisto" to the spectacular fight scene finale in ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA.

Underwater Kiss

Both Joey Wong's "good ghost" character from A CHINESE GHOST STORY and Lao Ma (Jacqueline Kim) from X:WP "The Debt, Part 1" have similar ways of passing air to our oxygen-deprived heroes.

The Gauntlet

Shot-by-shot comparison of the gauntlet scenes in HERCULES, THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS "The Gauntlet" episode and the HK movie BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR starring Brigitte Lin.

The Head Fight

Screen grab comparison between the Xena / Draco fight on the villagers' heads in X:WP "Sins of the Past" and the head fight scene in FONG SAI YUK between Jet Li and Sibelle Hu.